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I am based in Colchester, essex and run a Small stud of quality bred Mini lop rabbits bred to the BRC standards, that can be shown but also make great pets!
I breed for quality not quantity to improve my own show lines, therefor any monies made goes back into the upkeep of my rabbits. 
I travel all over the country and personally select my bunnies to improve type, colour and above all temperament!
Dont worry if your not local as a Courier service is welcome... 

Latest news!
We have a new project here at Purelush lops!
please visit our mini lops page to see our new arrivals!
New kits in the nest!!
colours include..
Chocolate, lilac, blue, black split in...
magpie, harlequin and points! 



For kits left to reserve... see in the nest page!



 Mini lops

make great pets for small children,

They grow around 3lbs 8oz in weight and they have the best temperament as they love attention!






Please note our bunnies are for 5* homes only! 

 If you intend to purchase a bunny from us please be prepared to email us a pic in their new home.

* our buns have been handled from birth to ensure they are fab pets.

*They would make great for breeding, pets for children and house pets as they are fully litter trained so no mess!

*Each bunny comes with a weeks supply of changeover food as well as endless amounts of help and advise.

 *Rabbits make great pets as they are very clean, loving sociable animals. Our bunnies are fully litter trained too.

We are located in.. 



Contact us

email: purelush_lops@hotmail.co.uk

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